Urban Decay UV-B lipstick

In honor of National Lipstick Day I thought I would review and talk about one of my favorite and now discontinued lipsticks,The Urban Decay Vintage UV-B lipstick. When I bought this was the a few years ago when Urban Decay had re-realeased thier old school lip colors,and even packaged them in the old carboard boxes. […]

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Cupcake Pink is happening !

My Special Effects dye finally came in today ! Its super bright , so I tried taking pics in my bathroom, in my livingroom , not outside since its too cloudy due to rain . Also my camera was really having problems picking up the color in the bottle . So my Fiancé decided that […]

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Its time for a new hair color!

After much thought , I think its time to move away from lilac and silver , and go bright! I finally decided on bright pink hair . So for most of the weekend I’ve been on google , Instagram, Haircrazy, and The Rainbow Hair Colour group on Facebook. Finding good pictures of non filter enhanced […]

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Things I’m Excited for

So this post is not reallg makeup or beauty related but more or less my other hobbies . Today Nintendo annouced the new Switch Light . And its adorable! My is on the nice turquoise colored Switch . Now my Fiancé and share his switch but theres a few two player games that I would […]

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Nile Mermaid look

I know on my last review of UD Electric palette I didn’t really get to show off the teal color Fringe . I don’t usually wear it with the other colors in that palette, but instead like to pair it with the Lifes a Festival palette by Too Faced . Today’s inspiration is kind of […]

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