Update on Iroiro Silver dye

So I thought I would update how well the Iroiro semi-permanent hair dye held up in my hair . Its been almost two weeks or more but I’ve already noticed that most of the grey color has faded . The nice part is its mostly silver and white .So it definitely helped tone out some […]

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Flashback Pallette Preview !

So I had an idea to talk about some older palletes in my collection and just kind of reflect back on them . Now it was only a few years ago that I started collecting bigger eyeshadow pallettes.Before I was just using the small quads or singles I would pick up here and there . […]

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Lights, Camera, Memory Card!

So I have a new light and found a memory card for my camera . I’ve been experimenting with lighting , backgrounds ect . I’ll be posting more reviews soon. I didn’t want to post too many reviews without nice lighting and my iphone camera isn’t the best for capturing colors and details . Better […]

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