Savage Smokey look

So yesterday while taking pic for my bleach look , I wanted to do some sort of pink smokey look. I’ve really been a fan of hot pink on my eyes recently. For this look I used Chocolate Bon Bons palette, with Cashew Chew on the brow, blended Malted in my crease with a fluffy […]

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Empties and one mini pan!

I thought would go ahead and post my empties , I haven’t really done one of these but it is nice to see which products I loved to death! And surprisingly I sort of hit pan on one of my palettes ! Wowee ! Some of these I’ve had for a while , while other […]

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Chaotic Unicorn Life eye look

So I’ve got a few posts backlogged and I really wanted to share some more eye looks. This one was achieved by pretty much using all my palettes . Or at least almost all of them. Also this was done right before I bleached my roots .So about three days ago. I used Urban Decay’s […]

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What I’ve been up to

So I’ve been a bit MIA for the moment , this week I came down with either a cold or the flu . Not really sure which . But its pretty lame . I hope start doing more regular posting after I’m better . Plus I’m planning on redoing my roots , the great biannual […]

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